It’s Cute. Will It Make Laundry More Fun?

Like most American women, I struggle with keeping on top of the laundry. We are only a family of four, but heck, I struggled when it was just me and my hubby. I used to do one big laundry day where I washed and dried 6 loads in one day. That part was nice, in that I didn’t have to deal with laundry for the most part, I just had the one day. But the sticky wicket came when it came time to fold it and put it away. More often than not, the clean laundry would remain unfolded in an assortment of baskets throughout the house. In fact, the unfolded laundry would get that lovely, “I’ve been forgotten and relegated to this plastic basket forever” patina that would often leave the contents of said baskets frozen into the shape of the basket.


We’ve all been there.


One day I was once again talking about laundry to some girl friends on Facebook. Cheryl, (my scrapping and laundry hero) mentioned that she didn’t mind laundry, and that she had a system that kept it quite manageable. I asked for more details, and she told me what she does. She also has a family of four, and each member has their own basket for dirties. Each family member get’s a day and that one load is washed, dried, folded and put away, ALL ON THE SAME DAY!!!!

If it wasn’t such a novel idea, it might be crazy.

So over the last couple of years I have more or less embraced her system. I have modified it for our family, and to accommodate our cloth diapers, and it works for the most part. There is still that sticky wicket of folding and putting it away, but when there is only one load a day, it’s not nearly as bad.

I occasionally (well, often.) forget to do Alton’s laundry. I don’t have to go in his room, so I don’t see it. Out of site, out of mind and all. Also, my husband continues to act like washing our daughter’s cloth diapers is a mystery that is cloaked with Top Secret government clearance that he has no hope of EVER getting cleared for.

So I decided to make a chart. A chart that outlines the schedule, includes washing instructions for everyone’s laundry, AND has the mysteries of cloth diaper washing spelled out so that even the six year old could wash them if we believed in child labor.

Chart Laundry Web smaller

I of course used digital scrapbooking supplies to make it.

I used

A Perfect Mess {Kit} by Kristin Aagard Designs

It is now laminated and posted above the washer and dryer for all to see. Let’s hope I keep on top of folding this year. :)